Valion - Survive in a forgein world

Valion can be a harsh planet to those who enter unprepared, as Eola is about to find out. Stranded in the wilderness she either adapts or perishes. Help Eola to survive on Valion - and maybe even find her way home.

Valion - Explore and discover

Being a long way from home, Eola steps into unknown territory. Overcome Eola's fears and share her sense of excitement when roaming through the forest of Valion. You'll never know what to expect on your journey home.

Adapt to the way of the natives

Eola cannot survive for long alone in the wilderness. Valion's native population will be the key for her safety. Build friendships, trade or use blunt threats to shape your place on Valion.

Valion - a computer role-playing game

Valion is an open world role-playing game with a strong focus on exploration and building relationships with an alien population.

Set on the world "Valion", you accompany a young girl named Eola, who just survived a crash and now is stranded on this foreign world. Being cut off from her own people, Eola now needs to find ways to survive amongst the natives. Her only familiar guide is a pocket computer, who will help her on her journey home.

Valion, the game, sets the stage on which you are free to explore the world. You will learn to construct traps and simple weapons to defend yourself from the local predators, and learn about the cycle of nature to farm and harvest. Your journey soon takes you to the native population of Valion.

The tribes of Valion are a diverse crowd. Still stuck on the technical level of the iron age, most of their time is spent fighting against nature or each other. A diverse mix of clans, political systems and religions developed over time. Eola's arrival is greeted with distrust and suspicion, and it is up to you to help her secure her place in this society.

The game has a strong focus on politics and relationships, which affect nearly everything in these close-knit clans. Your words and actions define how individuals and clans alike will treat you. By using an elaborate simulation of relationships and actions on an individual level, Valion creates a more realistic political system than other computer role-playing games.

Feature Description

  • Open world role-playing game.
  • Large auto-generated world.
  • Explore a living and breathing world with diverse tribes and religions.
  • Use cunning, politics or brute force to survive in this alien place.

System Requirements

  • PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
    2GB RAM. DirectX 9.0 compatible Graphics card.
  • Mac with OSX 10.5 or newer
    2 GB RAM.